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Blast From the Past: No Fraud The E.P.

No Fraud
The E.P.
(Truth Records)

Let's posit the following: is No Fraud Florida's hardest working band? Perhaps also the most rabid. If so, do the guys command legions of rabid fans? We will not attempt to prove this true, for it is a tautology in the mathematical and punk rock sense of the word. No Fraud rules. As does this eight song slab of wax from 1986. When the Crumbs crowned Dan Destructo "the king of Venice Beach" in 1997's track "Gotta Go Destructo," they weren't kidding.

Without going into particulars for this recording -- the No Fraud story will play itself out over the span of these pages in the future -- the handful of times I've had the live experience, from the mid-90's to last year's Stiff Pole Records Memorial Show in St. Petersburg, the band's energy has only grown by leaps. It is true that Dan is now a California resident and that Walt's heavily involved with Last Great Hope, but No Fraud does hit the stage. As a matter of fact, I believe Florida's on the agenda soon.

The E.P. opens with the great cymbal-heavy thrasher "Failure" that immediately transports you to a time where a skateboard could've very easily and readily killed you in the middle of a mosh pit. This is skate punk in its finest and most undiluted form, it is nothing short of sheer naïve joy. This is for fans of Minor Threat, the Teen Idles, Double-O's, T.S.O.L. and the opposite of political correctness.

"Don't Let Me Grow Old" rings true today because age has not slowed the band down. Shit! They're like a fine wine! "Thinking of You" and "Wastecase" close out the A-Side with unrelenting energy. The 20-second blast of "Intro" on the flip will remind your little neurons that the party is not over. This little instrumental serves something like a guitar solo with break-neck drums and feedback. It's perfect. "Nothing Left Inside" is proof positive of youth angst: "I hate the world, I hate the world, I hate myself, reason unknown, people try to blame society!"

"Suicidal Maniac" and "It's All Economic" close out the 7" and you'll want to do is flip it back around and let the ten-odd minutes begin anew. My copy of this disc is on the Truth Records label but research leads me to believe that ¡No Clubs! Records also put out possibly a repress. The cutter number here is 606042X and the possible repress should read NC069. If anyone has info on that, put it in the comments section below.

Check their website for info on possible performances, No Fraud's legacy demands a road trip if necessary. A road trip to a punk rock experience that will not disappoint. These guys are the kings of Venice Beach!

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