Bleeding Palm Makes Crazy Dino Felipe Video for "Rip Off," Featuring Felines and Tambourines

You may remember both Bleeding Palm's hypnotic cat-laden graphics and Dino Felipe's intense performance, featuring a walker, at the County Grind Live Music show at Green Room. Even though the musical genius, and we don't use that word lightly, had twisted his ankle the night before at a Churchill's show, he sure as shit didn't miss our Green Room fiesta. 

Bleeding Palm makes the most magnificent animations out of photos taken mostly around South Florida. They never, ever, never-ever fail to impress. Dino Felipe is probably the most prolific musician of all time short of Tyagarajah of South India, whom Wikipedia claims composed thousands of songs. Dino's on his way, though, having put out more than 50 releases so far. So many, and oh so good. 

Dino and Bleeding Palm have joined their brilliant brains to create an otherworldly visual masterpiece to match Dino's sonic extravaganza "Rip Off." This wasn't Bleeding Palm's first foray into music videos. The artists also crafted one for This Heat Electric's "Escape From L.A."  

If you need to smoky-smoky or whatever beforehand, please do so now. Then sit back and press play. Oh, and excuse the crappy weed joke. 

Dino-Felipe:Rip-Off from bleedingpalm on Vimeo.

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