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Bleubird to Bring "Head-Banging, Booty-Clapping" to Radio-Active Records

Hustling like raindrops is what Fort Lauderdale rapper Jacques Bruna -- better-known by his stage name, Bleubird -- does 24/7, 365 days a year.

The comically inclined hip-hop troubadour has been a star on the local scene for more than a minute -- more than ten years, to be exact. His feverish love of the road has taken him to shows the world over, including to Montreal, Berlin, and Tokyo. He's toured with national acts like Boyfriends Incorporate and Astronautalis too. But for some reason, the rising rap star has never spit out his rhymes at local music mecca Radio-Active Records. "I can't believe I've never performed at Radio-Active, but Mikey [Ramirez, who runs the store] is so dang good-looking that the opportunity to gaze upon him whilst spewing out my rap thunder is enticing. I might just start sleeping there from now until the show," joked Bleubird about his gig at the record store next Saturday.

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According to the rapper, a record-store show is not odd compared to other performances he's had, like "playing in a small-town family's living room while they were eating frozen dinners in front of me and in a greenhouse in France in front of just plants." The crowd at Radio-Active will likely be more engaged with Bleubird's rhymes. "This show is a chance for me to play some of my new gems live, as well as inspire some head-banging, booty-clapping, and standing still sweating," said Bleubird.

He tells us that although he doesn't have any plans for a follow-up to his 2012 record, he has still been cranking out material nonstop. Known for his effortless freestyle skills and rapid-fire delivery, Bleubird says the show will possibly also include old remixes and crazy, flipped versions of popular songs too. Radio-Active will have tons of Bleubird material on its shelves ready for fans, even rare finds like projects he's featured in on obscure Swiss and Austrian records.

Constantly on the go, Bleubird was packing while on the phone with us. He was heading out the next day on a 5 a.m. flight to Austin to perform at SXSW. On top of that, he's making plans to tour Japan yet again with his side project, Triune Gods. The previous tour, two years ago, was a success, selling out shows in Osaka and Tokyo. "I also had the opportunity to freestyle and share the stage with some other amazing Japanese musicians, so I'm totally psyched for what this trip has in store," he gushed. We wondered if he actually speaks Japanese? "Naw, I speak Rapanese."

Bruna also has high expectations for his newest project, a Broward County hip-hop supergroup called Death Jam Posse. Made up of Young Lauderdale (his alter ego), Mr. Belvedere (AKA Jabrjaw), and Da $wap $hop Kid (AKA Protoman), Bleubird tells us the trio is "trying to bring the thunder -- full-on bass revival. I want people to come shake they butts and troubles loose. YOLO!" With so much on this enterprising rapper's plate, catching him in the intimate confines of a record store will certainly be a booty-bouncing delight. And there's free pizza too.

Bleubird. 6 p.m. Saturday, March 22, at Radio-Active Records, 845 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Free. Call 954-762-9488, or visit

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