Blonds Is a Young Circles-Related Musical Venture

Earlier today, Blonds introduced itself to South Florida via Facebook, and for those who enjoy dreamy throwback pop, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A teaser track called "Kite" is up at the duo's Bandcamp page for a listen, and according to Twitter, the Dark Roots EP will be out December 13.

Now who might this duo be? Singer Cari Rae is new to these pages, but her supporting cast is a name you might know. Jordy Asher as the current frontman of Young Circles, who recently released a very trippy music video and, conveniently, a while back had a band called Blond Fuzz. County Grind asked him if choosing another venture with such a similar name would be a problem.

According to Asher: "That name [Blond Fuzz] was fucking awesome and fucking stupid at the same time. We just took the stupid part out and are now 'ironic' because we're not blonds. The discussion went something like this: 'Thinking back, Blond Fuzz was a

badass name, because of the word Blond... Wanna be called Blonds?' 'OK.'"

So, with that settled, let's move on to the actual music. Kissed with nostalgia, "Kite" has a hint of holiday spirit with the backing bells and old-time strings guiding the arrangement. It follows in a tradition of loungey pop that traces back to Nancy Sinatra and Burt Bacharach and has been reignited recently by acts like Lana Del Rey and Cults.

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