Bloody Amy Winehouse Photos

And you thought Bobby and Whitney were bad.

Amy Winehouse and her husband, Blake Civil-Fiedler were recently photographed bloodied and bruised after a recent fight in London. It can't help that paparazzi follow their every move and make matters worse, but the couple could certainly clean themselves up after they fight and avoid getting photographed like this.

They've got their own separate problems when they're not together, and Winehouse is a documented cutter on her own, but now that the two are permanently yoked, things appear to be temporarily worse.

Everyone seems to be coming down on the couple, who for all intents and purposes, are both fighting serious addictions (crack, heroin, alcohol, cocaine etc.) and capable of anything. But they appear to love each other strongly and all the bad publicity isn't shaking that. There's something romantic in that. But these photos aren't romantic at all. Just crazy.

For more on the story, click here. --Jonathan Cunningham

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