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The King of the dirty rhyme, that slick crooner of the parody, is back. Following the funk hits of Fahrenheit 69 comes Blowfly's Punk Rock Party. It's a win-win situation. Nothing spells fun like punk-rock standards being run through the filter of Blowfly's twisted sexual humor. Take the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" and rechristen it "I Wanna Be Fellated" and you still got yourself a power chord sing-along!

The romp opens with an original, "Punk Rock Is Cock," before the album bites square into the meat with a revamped Clash hit titled "Should I Lay This Big Fat Ho?" and "VD Party," an adventurous take on Black Flag's classic party anthem, which coyly opens with a young lady's request, "Blowfly, will you give me a pearl necklace for Valentine's Day?" Ha! Even the Stooges' classic gets a turn here ("I Wanna Fuck Your Dog"), as do the Dead Boys ("I Wanna Be Your Sex Toy"), Devo ("Suck It"), the Offspring ("Come Out and Get Laid"), Generation X ("Playing With Myself" — c'mon, you saw that one coming!), and finally, Alternative Tentacles' daddy himself Jello Biafra (or Biafrica, as Blowfly lovingly refers to him) lends a hand, reworking the Dead Kennedys classic "Holiday in Cambodia" into a more-with-the-times retooling: "R. Kelly in Cambodia." There are a handful of versions of that track peppered through the album varying in language and treatment. Overall, the punk-rock party maintains the level of energy and humor expected from a Blowfly release; it's bound to be a good seller for AT. Sadly absent from this disc is a version of Fear's "Fuck Christmas." Oh wait, Blowfly already did a holiday record.

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Abel Folgar