Blowfly Gets Political in Texas with Rick Perry Tampon Toss (VIDEO)

If you were on the rag or expecting to be last July 12, and you were bold enough to bring tampons or pads along with you to the Texas capitol that day, you got quite a surprise. The state Senate was voting, and Gov. Rick Perry signing off on some seriously abhorrent anti-abortion legislation. So, of course, women, who sometimes menstruate, would be present at the affair. But why would state troopers confiscate the womanly items that day and not guns which are typically allowed in the capitol building? They were worried the period stuff would be used as projectiles.

So when our dearest South Florida dirty rapper Blowfly -- a man to whom good taste is applied only to edible things with flavor -- took the stage at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival at the Paramount Theater in Austin this past Friday, he was ready to comment on this horrifying anti-female fiasco in the classiest way imaginable, with a Rick Perry tampon toss.

His manager and drummer Tom Bowker says, "I had a friend of mine make us two giant Rick Perry heads to throw tampons in. If he and the Texas GOP can ban tampons in the state House, the least he can do is eat tampons from Blowfly fans." Amen to that.

And even if you also are a woman-hater or dislike of sanitary napkins or suppositories of the vaginal sort, you'll appreciate Blowfly singing "Pussy Party" in this video as the comedically inclined threw tampons in another tampon's gaping maw.

Bowker called it, "a prank for the cause."

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