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Blowfly to Get Weird at Churchill's with Pals Torche and Jacuzzi Boys Tonight

At this point, everything that can be said about Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly, has been said within our digital and newsprint pages. There's little to add save for a few unknown and completely made-up facts; like when Blowfly, in full funky regalia saved schoolchildren from a burning bus in the mid '80s or when he recently coached Ministry's Al Jourgensen in the arts of humane raccoon removal. But his Churchill's Pub performance tonight is not about aggrandizing the Blowfly myth or to mark any particular anniversary in the man's six-decade long career.

No. Tonight's entry into his often confusing, but always satisfying weird world is about drummer/manager "Uncle Tom" Bowker doing right by the 'Fly and his hometown of Miami. As a longtime member of South Florida's music scene in the Da Vincian capacities of musician, journalist, label operator, producer, promoter, etc... Bowker's list of friends and foes is long and strong.

Feel free to insert your own dick joke there, but do not deny the man's influence on our musical landscape.

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Abel Folgar