​People who can't appreciate the music or legacy of Bob Marley are likely very angry, listened to Legend a few too many times a their dorm room, or are overly sober. Marley is so much more than just a singer of reggae music. He brought Jamaican music and Rastafarian philosophy to the world. Around the time of his birthday on February 6, the world thanks him by smoking lots of weed and dancing to his tunes.  

Bob Marley's Birthday Tribute Show With Fourth Dimension Tonight

Fourth Dimension is recognizing Marley tonight at Original Fat Cats with a tribute set. Self-described as "reggae out of this world," Fourth Dimension offers a blend of roots, rock, and reggae in both English and Spanish. Carlos "Strings" Calderon, the band's guitarist and vocalist, calls their sound real and raw. "It's classic reggae with a modern vibe, while keeping it authentic," he says.
Calderon is a huge Marley fan. "I don't think there is a bad Bob Marley song," he says. If it weren't for Marley, the band wouldn't be playing reggae music. "Bob's lyrics are still relevant in this day and age, even more so in the world's current upside down state." He recognizes, "The power of music is incredible." 

Fourth Dimension has performed as a band for more than a decade. Members believe they're likely the longest-running original reggae band based out of South Florida. They've toured North America, sharing the stage with Snoop, Matisyahu, Steel Pulse, and even the Marley family. They've had the privilege of Fishbone joining them onstage at Original Fat Cats. 
Fourth Dimension truly keeps it authentic. Benbow, a drummer who played with the Wailers and plenty of other reggae classic acts, recently joined the band. 

Calderon sees tonight as "an irie time! It's going to be a magical evening full of positive vibes and reggae music." He also advises, "Bring your own ganja!" Noted. 

Fourth Dimension is performing a Bob Marley tribute set at Original Fat Cats (320 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale) from 11:30 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. with possible surprise guests. It will also host another birthday show in Miami at Bougainvilleas Old Tavern in South Miami (7221 SW 58th Ave., Miami) on Thursday night. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.