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Boca's Livid Records Signs Faulkner Detectives

Boca's Livid Records had one hell of a streak from 2010 to 2011. The label released ten albums by local, national, and international groups. And we're still impatiently waiting for that Bulletproof Tiger seven-inch, which, we hear, is getting plated and lacquered at the pressing plant as you read. The usually vocal label heads had been strangely quiet until yesterday afternoon, when label prez Chuck Livid announced the signing of New York new-wave rockers the Faulkner Detectives.

Alex Segura, vocalist/guitarist of Faulkner Detectives, is a former Miamian and old friend of Chuck Livid. Segura says, "I actually went to high school with Chuck -- Southwest Eagles! We took a class together over a summer and bonded over music and comics. We'd kept in sort-of touch since then. Once we had our EP recorded and up on our BandCamp page, I sent him the link, and he responded with 'Let's do something.' It took me a second to realize that he meant 'let's put out a record'!"

After hearing the tracks, we completely understand why Livid would "do something" with them. They have Jonathan Richman's naive sincerity, the raw stomp of the Cramps, and Sonic Youth guitars. They don't sweat their influences that hard; those are just reference points. A lot of their music has a heavenly feel, thanks to keyboardist Meg Wilhoite's lead vocals; they soar like cotton-candy doves.

The track that attracted Livid to the band is "Water's Edge." "It starts with a killer synth and turns it on its head with Meg's vocals. It's really moving. She really has a beautiful voice. It's like something that belongs in a Nicolas Winding Refn film. You reading this, Hollywood? Take note," says Livid.

Segura left Miami to pursue a noble career at DC Comics, which is his, and every comic-book-reading boy's, "dream come true." Some of Faulkner Detectives' songs are crafted so perfectly, we wondered if they got their hands on Archie Comics' lovable nerd Dilton's machine that used science and algorithms to make wonderful synth-rock hits. Says Segura: "That was a weird story. I think Weezer has that machine now."

The Modern Handshake EP is streaming now; Livid Records will release the hard copies and get it on iTunes later this summer.

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