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Bon Iver Announces Spotify Remix Contest: Five Producers Who Should Enter

Mountain man crooner Bon Iver is responsible for some of the most heartfelt sensitive-bearded-guy ballads since Michael McDonald. His mix of transcendental folk and Hawaiian-shirt wearing yacht rock yielded some pretty sweet records, which we at County Grind may have cried to once or twice. Naw, just kidding. We didn't actually cry. Shut up, OK? Let's not talk about it...

Anyway, Justin Vernon, or Bon Iver, or JV (we prefer JV), in cahoots with Spotify and Indaba Music, is taking the somewhat popular trend of open-source remixing and calling it the Stems Project. Basically, you sign up at Indaba Music, you download all the individual parts of JV's Bon Iver, Bon Iver record, make a remix of whichever song you desire, and submit it. The winner gets a grand for the song and it'll be on Spotify as part of Bonny Bear's remix album. Simple.

Since this contest is marketed more toward bedroom producers (AKA dudes who still make witch house), we'll probably hear a lot of dark dandy-sounding shit. Which is cool, but we wanna hear some real outlandish weirdness. So, here's a list of producers who might actually make a Bon Iver remix sound kinda interesting.


At this point, I think Araab can make anything sound fucking great. Dude

made us like a Kaskade song and not really feel that

weird about it. The former Dipset beat-god, MVP-of-the-MPC is a total

badboy on the buttons, and with Bonny's baby-soft guitar strums, we'll

most likely get a chopped-up ignorant club joint for da kids.

Tune to remix: "Beth/Rest"

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