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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at Revolution, October 17

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Revolution, Fort Lauderdale
Sunday, October 17, 2010

The review:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony performing E. 1999 Eternal in its entirety with a live band did not sound like a winner at all. Several jokes later regarding the Revolution staff out front handing out tickets in the streets before the show, I had a different feeling.

As the opening snare hits of "Da Introduction" rained down from

above not only was the highly intoxicated, all-ages crowd at capacity,

it was completely going off! Something in the woofing wall of bass,

double-time high hats and trademark mellow-but-lightning speed flow gives

Bone fans musical Parkinson's. By the time they got to "Budsmokers

Only" the entire audience was vibrating uncontrollably and rapidly

moving their fingers like a gangster rap version of jazz hands.

Maybe it was the nostalgic smell of cheap weed, or the fact that everyone

there looked like someone I went to high school with but it was all

coming back -- the screaming recognition of how important this

coast-neutral group was in that period of the mid-'90s when East-West rap

relations were at an all time low. And being rap's Switzerland is

something you could tell Bone Thugs still took very seriously, evident

in a lengthy intermission from E. 1999 to pay homage to both Biggie

Smalls and Tupac.

This, of course, was also a perfect segue into the

thug funeral anthem "Tha Crossroads", which with the help of their live

band (introduced as the Band-Aid Boyz) flowed continuously into extra

hype versions of "1st of Tha Month" and "Buddha Lovaz." Despite the

copious amounts of Hennessy being consumed on stage, Bone Thug's rapid-fire

melodies were pretty much flawless from start to finish and although

they deviated slightly and skipped around a little, they kept their

promise of an all E. 1999 Eternal show. A formal apology to Krayzie,

Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh-n-Bone, I stand corrected.

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Jasper Delaini

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