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In the post-Hurricane Katrina days, it seems like all things related to New Orleans music could use some extra love. Maybe not Dr. John — frankly, his hoodoo voodoo shtick is getting old — but as for everyone else these days, most New Orleans musicians are in a bad way as they fight to keep their music culture alive. Want to feel that you're making a difference? Check out New Orleans neo-brass-band septet Bonerama as it cruises through South Florida playing shows in West Palm Beach and Key West. Curious as to how you can actually make a difference? All right, here's how it works. Check them out in person; their ability to turn traditional brass-band music on its head gives life to the limitless possibilities of brass — especially with young musicians playing the instruments — and it's a hell of a good time if you're looking to dance and experience the sounds of New Orleans as it evolves. Then you, the friendly consumer, can tell all your friends how you caught a show that solid and drenched in the rhythms of the Big Easy. The news will spread. Most of the brass compositions Bonerama plays on stage are rooted in jazz and ragtime but are beholden to nothing else except a perpetual groove and a good time. Phish fans can liken the group's brass-jam style to East Coast stalwarts Deep Banana Blackout, but with more of a cultural hook. So go learn what's hip in New Orleans music now. You can still bring an accordion if you like.

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Jonathan Cunningham

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