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Bonnet People's Demo(n): Spooky Enough for Halloween

Until Tortoise records in a haunted house, at least we'll have Bonnet People. Not much is known yet about this Fort Lauderdale crew of eccentric post-rockers -- County Grind was somehow the first "like" on the band's Facebook page -- but the creeping crawl of the five-track Demo(n) comes just in time for the Halloween festivities of this weekend.

Although this noirish, artsy noodling won't appeal to all -- least of which, Forward Motion Records' Fernando Perdomo, who has called this type of stuff "crap" in the past -- it's easy to imagine decorating a dark warehouse with endless cobwebs and slimy things and blasting tracks like "Harsh Emanations" at unsuspecting guests until the prickles up their spines started growing prickles of their own.

If Demo(n) truly is just a satanic demo, it's still a fine entry into the local avant rock spectrum. While many local acts seem bent on deafening squall and heart-palpitating tempos, Bonnet People is a slow, acidic burn. For any listeners who already have a few Six Organs of Admittance albums on their shelves, this'll be a welcome psychedelic companion.

Try the jazz-bent "Call it Vore" first, and then delve in the really dark stuff if you dare.

Stream and download Demo(n) at Bonnet People's Bandcamp page.

Bonnet People. With Secret Arms, North and South, and Arc and Panther. 10 p.m. Saturday, November 19 at Fox's Sherron Inn, 6030 S. Dixie Highway, South Miami. Click here.

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