Bonus MP3 of the Day: "Metro Zoo" by Beings, feat Mike Alén and Co.

Beings is the latest project from Miami musical standout Mike Alén (:nobuhjest:, Secret Service, Foreign Bodies, Map of the Universe, etc). The group has Beatriz Monteavaro (Floor, Cavity) on drums and Ivan Marchena (Bling Bling, Map of the Universe, etc.) on guitar and vocals, and is suitably noisy and catchy at the same time.  After Map of the Universe lost its drummer, this past February Mike and Ivan linked up with Beatriz, who had been focusing on art since her sludge days with Floor and Cavity. These guys basically rule.

Mike graciously sent me a new cut, "Metro Zoo," which you can download below.

Bonus download of :nobuhjest: over here.

MP3: Beings - "Metro Zoo"


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