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Bonus MP3s of the Day from Lanzallamas, Who Record New Live CD at Transit This Weekend

My Spanish language dictionary defines lanzallamas as a mechanism designed to project a stream of fire in a controlled, prolonged stream. In other words, a flamethrower. It's also a truly kickass local band, who have chosen a rather apt name.

Lanzallamas Monofonica wield a powerful weapon of their own, an unending torrent of rhythmic grooves and hardcore Latin-laced jams that light up dance floors quicker than a flame held to Lindsey Lohan's lips after a bender (don't look at me like that knew what this was). But though the eight-piece band has strong Latin underpinnings, theirs is more of a global vibe. They've described their sound as Afro-Latin-America-World Beat Mezcla. And if you need further proof, they feature lyrics not only in Spanish and English, but also Portuguese and even Serbian. Hence the Monofonica [monophonic] in their name. For a little taste you can download for your collection, follow the link after the jump.

And this weekend, Lanzallamas will give you a chance to go down in the

annals of music history, as they record their upcoming live CD at

Transit Lounge tonight and tomorrow night. That's right, you can be

that guy screaming on the album at inappropriate moments! So do

yourself a favor this Memorial Day weekend and avoid the beach.

Motherfuckers get shot up in that bitch, you know.

MP3: Lanzallamas -- "Louder" and "Despierta (Live)"


Lanzallamas Monofonica this Friday, May 22 and Saturday May 23 at 11pm

at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) for the recording of their live album.

Never a cover.

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