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Bosh Film Festival on Chris Bosh's Injury, a Heat Win, and New Discosoma Records Song for James Jones

You may have heard of the Borscht Film Festival, but have you heard of the Bosh Film Festival

An offshoot of sorts from Borscht, the Bosh Film Festival is - as you can imagine - very important to the morale of South Florida's basketball fans right now. The Miami Heat are in the playoffs and Chris Bosh has a real bad bellyache. It's time to send him some good healing vibes, guys. One way the Bosh Film Festival is doing this is by commissioning Discosoma Records' act sleepwalking to create songs that will boost our team's morale. Their first tune honors Heat player and three-point shooter James Jones.

If you take a peek at the festival's website, you'll notice a wild world of Chris Bosh imaginations. The site was conceived and created by Bleeding Palm's Ronnie Rivera the Executive Necromage (whatever that means) and curator of the festival. We wanted to know more about the song, the festival, and their official take on Bosh's injury, so we connected with Chris Quinn, Minister of Jurassic Arts (a position created by Steven Spielberg?) to discuss. 

Are you confused yet? If so, you're in the proper mental place to fully understand the Bosh Film Festival.  

"Chris Bosh can only be appreciated when contextualized outside of the

basketball court," claims Quinn when asked if #1 was the Minister's #1

favorite player.

"Bosh is celestial, his time is near. Udonis Haslem is my spirit

animal." Guess that's a no. Haslem is celestial where we come from -- that would be either

Miramar or Miami, depending on what you choose to believe from this wiki entry

Is the Bosh Film Festival real? Yes, apparently it's set to happen sometime this fall. If you take a peek at their website, you may notice a few funny facts. As far as how accurate the site is, Quinn says, "All

of the facts on the site are absolutely true -- somewhere in the


Here is some actual information from Quinn on the festival: 
In the multiverse: The Bosh Film Festival was founded last year when

Chris Bosh donated 1% of his salary ($160,225) to the Borscht Film

Festival. Since we have a really stupid name to begin with (Borscht), we didn't

mind changing our festival (name) to the Bosh Film Festival. This was just the

latest high-profile donation from a South Florida athlete to an arts


In our universe: Our tweets (to Chris Bosh) went unanswered, and

the Miami Herald got very upset when they almost ran the story (of the Bosh Film Festival). Now, we

are attempting to bring the festival into this universe. It will run in

competition with the Borscht Film Festival later this year, and will be

curated by Bleeding Palm. All life is real life. 

Of the recent abdominal strain that may keep Bosh from hitting the court

for the remainder of the season, Quinn remarks, "Free your mind, Liz Tracy. Bosh's injury is an

absolute fiction. As the keeper of the Great Sword of Gorg-Dak-Tox Bosh

occasionally has duties to the Star Prince PXXA. He was called away on

duty and will return to the court once he has vanquished his foes.

Bosh's sinews know nothing of mammalian weakness." Wait. What? 

Is Quinn a conspiracy theorist, a monster, or simply a lover of psychedelic drugs? Does it matter? He's created a film festival dedicated to Chris Bosh and now they're helping to make music about our beloved basketball team. 

sleepwalking is a sound project by ANR's MJ Hancock and Jared McKay of Coral Morphologic. Bosh Film Festival called upon this duo to do something of great importance. "They are making a soundtrack for the

mythical lives of the Miami Heat roster -- except for Shane Battier." Quinn then rambled on about Battier being a warlock. 

sleepwalking began this task with a song dedicated to the 3-point shooter James Jones. Quinn says, "The song has been proven to have mild psychedelic effects

and improves 3-point shooting percentage when listened to on headphones." Get this baby on Mike Miller's ears ASAP, please.

The real question we want answered though by this Quinn, who clearly has such a strong Bosh connection: Can the Heat win without Bosh? "It

depends on the game. If we are talking about the primitive arithmetic

of 'basketball' then yes. If we are talking about the real game being

played before our very eyes that we can never understand, then no." Hopefully, Quinn is wrong. 

The Heat aren't nothing without Bosh. But Bosh sure is something special.

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