When thinking of bands that defined the 1970s classic-rock sound, it's hard to understand why more people don't consider Boston. The band had a number of chart-topping hits during its early years, and "More Than a Feeling," perhaps its best-known song, is a staple on hard-rock compilations from that era. Only nine other artists have had better-selling albums than Boston's self-titled release in 1976, which to date is now 17 times platinum. But for whatever reason, Boston often gets overlooked as one of the best bands of the '70s. It's partly because some of its success also brought ego clashes within the group, and the band has had sort of a revolving door since the mid-'80s, with members coming and going. Guitarist Tom Scholz is the only original left in the band, but the guys (and a girl) who are in the group now do a good job of keeping the old sound intact. This is impressive considering that the band's current lead singer, Tommy DeCarlo, was discovered via MySpace for his uncanny ability to nail some of the group's songs. In an unfortunate twist to the band's saga, just a year ago, former lead singer Brad Delp took his own life at his home in New Hampshire. The death was a significant blow, but it also empowered Scholz to start touring again. When the group hits town this week, expect plenty of songs from its lengthy catalog, lots of nostalgia, and possibly some new material. Rumor has it the group is working on a new album.

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Jonathan Cunningham