Bougainvillea's Will Have Its Last Call in February

​No women no cry might have been Bob Marley's anthem but come February 28, 2010 "No Bougie's, I'll cry" is what regulars in the South Miami bar scene will be sniffling. That's right, folks, South Miami's chillest dive, Bougainvillea's, will be shutting its doors for good leaving locals, UM students, and low-key party people looking for a new haunt to frequent.

"We're all going to cry the last night," Bougie's employee, Coral, tells Riptide. "We're really sad." The reason for the move isn't financial either - they're being forced to leave their charming bungalow just off of the overly saturated Shoppes at Sunset Place because the pub's owner (who also owned the equally adorable The Hanging Basket next door) retired and sold the property. The new owners are choosing not to renew the lease.

Sad, yes, but wise? We're not sure. According to Bougainvillea's Facebook page, its February 28th Last Call Party already has 500 confirmed guests ready to pour one last Red Stripe on the curb for good, ole Bougie's.

-- Whitney Roux

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