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Boxwood, Live at PinkGhost's Third Anniversary Saturday

Photo by Daniela Cruz
Contrary to what you may be thinking, Boxwood is not what male boxes wake up with in the morning. Or it may be. But that's not what this post is about. The Boxwood in question is one Jose Ferrer, and the artistic name for the one-man-band came from little more than putting two words together. An incredibly talented and promising musician, Boxwood refuses to admit he's good at anything musical, hinting instead at the music he weaves singlehandedly as a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

If you listen to the music or you catch him live, you think he's just being modest. If you've met and shared a few words with the soft-spoken and reserved-bordering-on-shy musician, you know he really doesn't quite get just how good he is. A genre-bending indie blend where silhouettes of influences like Radiohead and Sparklehorse flirt demurely beyond one's immediate perception, Boxwood's sound is best described as haunting. And though he doesn't want to be known for the live technique over the music itself (nor should he be), seeing him building songs on the spot using loop pedals in a live setting is pretty damned nifty. Check him out for yourself at PinkGhost's 3rd Anniversary this Saturday and see just what we're talking about.

Boxwood and Radioboxer play PinkGhost's 3rd Anniversary Part at PinkGhost (1888 Polk Street, Hollywood) this Saturday, December 12.


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