Boy George Versus Mexico: A People's History of 2012's Most Ridiculous Twitter Feud

Boy George is -- ahem -- balls deep in a flame war with (um) the state of Mexico. 

And guess who's to blame? The internet!

The cross-dressing '80s pop sensation Tweeted that he thought Mexico's newly elected president was a cutie. Somehow, the Mexican media mistranslated George's comments to make it appear as though he was calling the leader a tyrant. 

One thing led to another, and the whole mess done 'sploded wide open in public, on the internets. 

Before we look at this particular flame war, it's important to note that Boy George uses his Twitter account to its full potential. He posts, reposts, and responds with Borg-like immediacy. And he has the attention span of kids raised on iPads and ringtones.

So here is the bulk of BG's response to the state of Mexico. The flamboyant British pop star (or his management) must have cleaned up his account, because, according to TMZ, the beef seemed a lot juicier:

The drama unfolded on Twitter early Tuesday when the former Culture Club front man announced he would be blocking "mostly Mexicans" from contacting him on the social network... after he was blasted with hate mail from our neighbors down south.

A Mexican wave? Of what? Culture Club fans?

Here, George reposts the original post to clarify once and for all that he was not critiquing the country's new president but was, in fact, trying to holler.

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