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Boy George's Basel 2013 Bash at Mansion Miami: A Photo Recap

When Miami heard that the legend, the fashion (and karma) chameleon, and now comeback kid, Boy George, would be coming to play a DJ and an acoustic set during Art Basel Miami Beach week, every mouth was yapping about it from Hialeah to Wilton Manors.

There's no one quite like Boy George. In the '80s, he was one hot mama-looking lad. In the '90s, he knew all that there was to know about The Crying Game, and he transformed into performance guru Leigh Bowery for his musical Taboo. And yes, he ended up in the slammer for a bit in the aughts. But these days, he's touring again with manager and DJ Marc Vedo (they have a residency at Amnesia Ibiza) and he very recently released, This Is What I Do, because this is what George does, ladies and gents.

For Basel 2013, he and Vedo ruled the dance floor at South Beach's Mansion. It was a magnificent way to wrap up a week of insanity. Here's a photo recap of the night.

The night, besides being about seamlessly woven house beats, was a lot about the women and the booze.

Acrobats hung and looped their bodies overhead in the VIP section and in the middle of the main dance floor. They served as a shining pink beacon of nightlife hope after a grueling week of shoveling nose candy up nostrils and taking dumb selfies with art.

And look at them guns! You better recognize.

We actually sat down with the amusing and intelligent Marc Vedo prior to his set. You can read the interview here.

It includes such gems as:

Marc Vedo on Miami: "Everyone's competing for muscle and big boobs."

And "Some people in America think that dance music started six years ago."

You should check it out.

We must tell you that he played the most delicious house set we've heard on South Beach since the gays fled to Wilton Manors. None could keep their shoulders from bouncing back and forth.

Now back to the ladies. They were grabbing boobs.

They were rubbing legs.

They were looking fly.

These two were the belles of the ball, given that Boy George wasn't in full costume by any means. In fact, he was looking pretty butch with a full beard.

Well, not totally butch. Everyone crowded the DJ booth, and suddenly the VIP area was slammed with bodies when the main attraction entered the room. George took pics with a few lucky fans. And kissed those he knew in the crowd. And his set? House perfection. We hope we didn't scare him off with our mega breasts and pectorals. South Beach needs more of Marc Veda and Boy George at the decks.

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