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"Boycott Dirty Blondes" Facebook Page Already Has 3,500 "Likes"

In the wake of a viral video showing a bouncer beatdown of some patrons at Dirty Blondes, one area resident is pissed and has set up a Facebook page demanding a boycott of the Fort Lauderdale bar and justice for the patrons.

The video shows bargoer Alexander Coelho getting punched in the face by one bouncer and then stomped in the head once he was already sprawled out on the concrete. Then a second bouncer puts another customer, later identified as David Parker, in a chokehold and slams him to the ground. A third bouncer also gets involved. Several other people were caught in the melee of punches. According to police reports, Coelho and Parker returned minutes later only to be arrested by police and charged with battery on a police officer and disorderly conduct. As of this writing, no charges have been filed against the bouncers.

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Keep in mind that the 15-second video does not show what happened immediately before and after the incident.

The Facebook page was created 14 hours ago and has generated more than 3,500 likes. The administrator behind the page says he is not a victim, but is just "a random guy trying to help." Out of fear of retaliation, he is choosing to remain anonymous.

The admin wants the charges dropped against Coelho, the bouncers arrested and fired, and the place be shut down. He also demands that the cops who arrested Coelho be investigated.

"Alexander's life will be forever changed regardless of this situation's outcome," said the admin. "We feel their lives should also be affected. As we stated on our page, Alex's mug shot will be on Google forever regardless if the charges are dropped. Try explaining that to a potential employer; he'll probably never be given the opportunity to clarify."

The Facebook page for Dirty Blondes' has been removed since the story broke, but its Yelp page is now cluttered with one-star reviews. The bar has not answered telephone calls today.

The admin says the place was known as a "trash-hole."

"I hope this exposes them further and the GFLCVB does something about it. After all, they're in the heart of our beach, and real estate is limited. A new bar would be a nice change."

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