"We have a few ideas planned, but we don't want to give it away." Brass Knuckles' Tony Livadas says of the group's possible Halloween costumes they'll be donning for Electrik Haunted Circus. "We might have an appetite for pizza and we might look a little green." Guessing there'll be some turtle power at Revolution tonight then? Haunted turtle power, perhaps?

Brass Knuckles Brings Electrik Circus to Fort Lauderdale Tonight

Livadas and fellow music producers and cohorts Danny D'Britto and Anthony Pisano are throwing their creepy electronic gathering in Fort Lauderdale for the first time. Last summer and Halloween, Electrik Circus took over Grand Central in Miami, and Orlando at Tier Nightclub this past Saturday. They're hoping to take this thing all the way on the road though. 

The group is rounding up circus-type folk for this extravaganza with sounds by trap DJ RL Grime and Dim Mak's Felix Cartal. Last year, Tony, dressed in spandex and a cape as Freddie Mercury, was escorted out by Siamese twins. Well, ladies dressed as such. 

Signed to Ultra Records, they just released their single "Bad Habits" on October 9, with an EP and music video coming soon. The video for this song, Livadas says, "follows the life of a lighter... Everybody that holds the lighter has a bad habit with it." Pisano added, "It's a Brass Knuckles lighter. It's got our logo on it." 

As far as how Brass Knuckles got started, "I guess we were working for each other for a couple of years behind the scenes before we started Brass Knuckles." Livadas says, "We actually did stuff for Jagged Edge and Rick Ross." Mostly at the Hit Factory, "Every time we went there, we would see Cash Money, hip-hop artists. We always felt kind of like fish out of water, we didn't look like hip-hop producers, we had to always be styling, and we knew there was a time for us to break out and just do what we want, what we like. House music. Follow our gut. We're happy we went our own path."

They're full time working on Brass Knuckles these days, and Pisano noted, "We really believe in what we're accomplishing with it."

At times, the DJs employ live instruments, including guitar and sax, and for super special events, a drum set. "We like to do that as much as possible, because we really feel like, it not only helps with the live performance and people really engage with it," Livadas explains, "but nowadays a lot of acts are straight DJs. We're getting the audience visual and audio elements." Sadly, there's no guarantee that there'll be any sax at Electrik Circus though. 

Keeping with the theme, we asked about their favorite seasonal flicks. Pisano says, "Ghostbusters is my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus maybe." Livadas responded, "Hocus Pocus, really, bro?" Adding that Ghostbusters is his all-time, everyday favorite. And The Shining, "cause Stanley Kubrick is the shit." He points out that the images from Electrik Circus are based on Kubrick's imagery. 

Though D'Britto and Livadas are natives, Pisano is from New Jersey and came south for school. The latter pointed out, Miami is "one of the meccas for electronic music. Miami is definitely a huge contributor to the scene." The three are looking to become bi-coastal, between Miami and Los Angeles and to getting a residency of sorts at LIV. 

But tonight it's all Fort Lauderdale for Brass Knuckles, that, and pizza. 

Electrik Haunted Circus, 9 to 10 open bar, Revolution, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 18 and over. Tickets cost $19 plus fees. Visit jointherevolution.com. 


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