Tron-Like" Video for "As Long as I'm Alive"">

Brass Knuckles Release "Tron-Like" Video for "As Long as I'm Alive"

Brass Knuckles is a South Florida-based EDM trio whose new video for "As Long as I'm Alive," featuring John Ryan, has impressively accrued more thank 35K views on YouTube in only three days.

The Ultra Music-signed group includes Tony Livadas, Danny D'Britto, and Anthony Pisano, who all met behind the musical scenes at the Hit Factory before stepping into the spotlight themselves. Given Pisano's LIV residency, the bi-costal nature of their act (Miami to L.A. and back), their penchant for playing instruments live, and the popularity of their dark party Electrik Circus, it's no surprise this video and song are making the web all hot and bothered.

Director Ben Fee also claims the Lumineers' "Ho Hey" as one of his own creations. This is his first foray into the electronica scene, and what a brave move, from folk chants to beat drops. If you like tall Euro blonds in leather who don't mind exposing a little ass cheek, this video is going to get you off. The song is a high-energy, dreamy, and most importantly, a catchy club anthem.

We hit up Fee to ask him about the specifics of this project and he explained it as sort of a "Tron-like car commercial with a sleek look."

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New Times: What made you want to do this project?

Ben Fee: Well, my friend Esther Park approached me about doing a video with this local Miami group Brass Knuckles. She has her finger on the 120bpm pulse of Miami, so I not only trusted her, but I wanted to work with her in her awesome city.

I also want to make music videos for all genres of music, and apply a general sensibility to whatever genre I might be working within. I feel like that's the way Danny Boyle approaches films -- which is something I totally respect. It keeps one sharp and adaptable.

How is this different from all the other music videos you have done, i.e. Lumineers, Sallie Ford, etc.?

Well this is not a folk or rock song, and with that comes a certain vibe that changes as well. It was certainly fun to spin up some images to this song though. It creates a different type of image in my mind than rock or folk does.

Where did the idea come from?

The song "As Long as I'm Alive" is very slick. It also has a sense of loneliness and yearning to it. Also a sexiness. So within those emotions and feelings right there, sprung the video. I wanted to make a Tron-like car commercial with a sleek look, but instead of advertising a car, I wanted to advertise a lonely, sexy babe. And I wanted her bathed in pinks and purples, and neons.

So there's sexiness. There's a solitariness to her behavior and attitude. And damn, there's a yearning as well, I think. And then I bathed it in colors that I thought looked like the song sounds.

What's next for you as music video director?

Shucks, I just wanna do more and more of everything and anything. Just looking forward to springing more to life from the brain team!

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