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Brazilian Girls

From break beats to broken beat, Brazilian Girls specialize in a sort of musical globalization and amalgamated planet rock. Imagine being trapped inside a French film: First you're riding in a horse and carriage on a cobblestone street; then you pass a subway corner where b-boys are break dancing. Nearby, a well-dressed Casanova has one leg hoisted up on a bench seat, elbow pitched on his knee, reading Foucault. This stuff is that diverse and that sensual.

The New York quartet's first full-length manages to be heady, sexy, sung in five different languages, and damn funky. All 12 grooves revel in luxurious bass lines -- four of them, "Sirenes de la Fete," "Don't Stop," "Dance Til the Morning Sun," and "Die Gedanken Sind Frei" -- are a clubhead's dream. Others, like the carnivalesque "Corner Store," in which singer Sabina Sciubba takes a blazing scat solo rivaling any jazz diva's, are dream-like brain candy. The Girls (Sciubba's actually the only one in the group) go from melancholy and hypnotic ("Homme," "Long") to drunk and retro ("Pussy" and "Lazy Lover"). As diverse as the album is, the stylistic distance between songs is consistently bridged by an addictive sense of hip and humor.

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Makkada Selah