Break It On Down


Athens may be best known as the brainy birthplace of quirk-pop outfits like R.E.M. and the B-52s, but the Georgia college town is also home to a whole different musical current. Athens' forward-looking fusion scene has spawned well-known bands like Sound Tribe Sector 9 and Dubconscious, and the heavy-soul funk-hoppers of Entropy are right there with them. The sophisticated quartet embodies the word groove in all its implications, building on deep, syncopated rhythms with slick, well-lubed melodies. Keysman/MC/vocalist Rod Williams provides the lyrical leash that guides Entropy's rambunctious, jazz-jam excursions, but in this funk torrent no one stream overrides another. That means that these guys form a sort of subliminal tidal wave, an immersive sound that's not exactly aggressive, but sweetly, neatly tuneful and unarguably danceable. Breaking down all the best bits of the Brand New Heavies, James Brown, Robert Walter, and Soulive, Entropy distills the essence of funk into its own infectious brew.

Entropy plays at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, September 17, at the Bamboo Room, 25 S. "J" St., Lake Worth. Tickets cost $15. Call 561-585-BLUE.

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Jonathan Zwickel