Breakdown of Interesting Highlights From Omarion's "Let's Talk" Video, Featuring Rick Ross

Before we go through and dissect the seemingly simple video for Maybach's Omarion's song "Let's Talk," pulling apart its every oddity or awkward moment, it's important to mention that there are boobs in it. Lots of very big boobs, so be careful pressing play if you work in a place where people don't want to see you staring at boobs on the internet or if you're offended by a song that very heavily references Salt-N-Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex."   

This Omarion video, featuring South Florida's own Rick Ross, premiered on the World Star Hip-Hop site. The full album will be released on June 26 — you can even preorder at RozayRaw.com — but this lil vid will whet your palette for more Omarion, his interesting stylistic choices and interesting dance moves that are strongly influenced by pop culture and even Bob Fosse. What follows are some highlights from the "Let's Talk" video. Enjoy our critical eye.

Timestamp :40 

First questionable dance moment: You say to yourself at this moment, Yo, is Omarion actually doing the Shiva dance, or is he an incarnation of the revered Hindu yogi in extremely heavy gold jewelry? Then you're just thankful he's not raving out Shiva style on one leg, with glow sticks and dilated pupils. 

Timestamp :52

Tits. Lots of tits. So many, in fact, that they make the viewer desensitized to the brash near-nudity. Desensitized like the unnaturally perky boobs in the video. There's nothing natural about them, but the Fifth Element attire is to be admired somewhat. 

Timestamp 1:04 

Gross moment extraordinaire. There's a bare ass on a white armrest. Lord have mercy. 

Timestamp 1:25

Is Omarion doing a hairdresser move or checking for ticks? 

Timestamp 1:26

Questionable dance move two: Matrix time!

Timestamp 1:44 

Questionable dance move three: Russian folk dances are cool, right?

Timestamp 2:19 

Questionable dance move four: Missy Elliott moment!

time stamp 2:54 

Questionable dance move five: Bob Fosse moves!

time stamp 4:07

Final questionable dance move: There's an actual pirouette in this video. The end.

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