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Breaking News: RZA Leaves Wu-Tang Tour

Just so you all know, RZA is not touring with Wu-Tang. I just got off the phone with Raekwon. Their tour-bus had just pulled up to a hotel in Virginia. They are playing shows every night, without RZA, The Abbott. When I asked Chef Rae about the current Wu situation, he proceeded to inform me about some serious internal family conflict. “We deeply respect The Abbott… but the main problem is money and creativity. Money is not being dispersed fairly. As a crew, we aint havin it. The only one not here is RZA, and that is by choice, not decision. Theres a lot of problems goin on at this time.”

We discussed the late, great ODB (RIP), before Raekwon passed the phone to Ghostface Killah, who told me to fuck off before hanging up the phone. Stay tuned for this Miami New Times exclusive interview with the Wu, which will serve as a follow up to my RZA interview from August 2007. -- Jason Handelsman

Here's a little taste from when the Wu clan still got along ...

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