Brevard's Elephantgun Needs Your Vote Today

Although it's located four counties north, we'd still have to give props to Brevard County hard-rocking three-piece Elephantgun for being the sole Florida entry in "Ampeg Straight Up Tone Competition." As of noon today this trio was sitting pretty in first place, up by

100 votes over indie Worcestershire UK troupe Zebedy Rays.

The bands are vying for a ton of equipment (two killer Ampeg rings, a Portaflex bass combo, and an all-new GVT guitar combo stack) and more important an all-expenses paid-trip to Nashville to perform an A&R-rep-laden gig at the Guitar Players Superstar event at music industry shebang the Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) 2011.

The contest will continue until 6 p.m. today, so we thought a last-minute push for our brothers from the Space Coast wouldn't hurt.

The three-piece -- which marries Pearl Jam grunge with Lynyrd Skynyrd drawl -- has a popular monthly gig at Palm Beach Garden's venue Swampgrass Willys. Its next gig there is next Saturday, July 9. Lead singer Trevor Prince's gravelly delivery draws a lot of comparisons to Kings of Leon's howling frontman, Caleb Followill.

You can vote for the fellas by clicking on this link here.

Need a little convincing before casting your support?  Check out the group's propulsive single "Heartburn." 

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