Brian Krebs, Jimmy Pagano's Alleged Attacker, Included Eerie Quotes on Facebook Page

As grief sweeps through the South Florida live music scene with the news of promoter-drummer Jimmy Pagano's death, a man accused of fatally stabbing him early Sunday morning is hospitalized at Broward General Medical Center. Find more details of the altercation here.

Police haven't released many details on the accused attacker, 38-year-old Brian Edward Krebs, but his social media profiles reveal details about him as a business owner working on his master's degree.

Update: It turns out that American Pie's Stifler character was inspired by Krebs.

One of his pages also includes now-eerie

quotes, including one about serial killers. And another movie quote

talks about how we "spend our whole lives trying to stop

death" and "praying, fighting, killing."


of Monday afternoon, Krebs is receiving treatment following injuries

received in the

brawl at Fishtales Bar & Grill in Fort Lauderdale's

North Beach neighborhood, according to a police report. He faces charges

of first degree murder and four counts of aggravated battery with a

deadly weapon.

According to his Linkedin profile,

Krebs' listed occupation is the owner of Oncology & Biotech

Recruiting. The site says he was working on a master's degree in

Pharmacology from

the University of Michigan, and was previously employed as a sales

representative for Eli Lilly and Co., selling Prozac and Zyprexa in

downtown Chicago. Krebs' Facebook page includes several photos, many of him smiling and playing golf.

The Linkedin page also lists him as a 1991 graduate of

East Grand Rapids High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an

all-conference football and hockey player, and all-state pitcher on the

baseball team. His school history also includes earning an associate's

degree in 1993 from the University of Florida, a bachelor's in Molecular

Biology from Western Michigan University in 1995, and holding offices

in the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Several favorite quotations are also listed on this Facebook page. Among them is an extended passage from The Life of David Gale, a film about a death penalty protester who is sent to death row after being accused of killing a fellow activist.

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"We spend our whole lives trying to stop

death. Eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting, killing. But what

do we really know about death? Just that nobody comes back. But there

comes a point in life - a moment - when your mind outlives its desires,

its obsessions, when your habits survive your dreams, and when your

losses... Maybe death is a gift. You wonder."

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