Bring Tissues to Downtown Dana's Going Away Bash Tonight at O'Shea's

People often move to South Florida on a whim, for the sunshine, the beach bods, the 24-hour sloppy, sandy makeout seshes. They also usually leave just as quickly, barely leaving a wake as they zoom out of town on their selfish jet skis.

Dana Krangel is not one of those sunburnt energy vampires. Though the New Times scribe and West Palm nightlife connoisseur, otherwise known as Downtown Dana, is hot-tailing it out of town, she's definitely left her mark on this scene and continues to as she plans her next move to Berkley, California. Tonight, she's hosting her own going away party at O'Shea's with three female-fronted bands.

"Downtown West Palm has been ridiculously kind to me over the past four years," Krangel says, "and the opportunities I had here have changed me in the best possible way. Palm Beach County is a great place to live and party and, most importantly, see a show."

Though many may argue that statement, the truth is, in her time here, Krangel placed a bright spotlight on the 561 scene, time and again, showing the world that WPB has live music worth experiencing.

"The local music scene welcomed me with open arms, and I got to see awesome bands and give them press when they deserved it, and there is basically nothing better," she explains. Apparently, writing for this publication and others like PureHoney actually fueled her upcoming position with startup Wearhaus. She'll still be interviewing bands for the company which she says, "is rethinking what headphones are capable of and creating a new sense of social listening. These are the world's first headphones that allow you to wirelessly synch up with multiple friends and listen to music together anywhere." Like a silent disco all the time.

About her Twitter handle/alt name Downtown Dana, she says, "The Downtown Dana thing let me get the word out about things I love with just the smallest amount more street cred. People love a good alliteration. Being one of the only people covering the hyper-local music scene of West Palm, I naturally became a part of it." And the support she gained from the folks in town helped her, in turn, support them. She says she'll definitely miss West Palm Beach, but is glad to go out with a bash at "badass O'Shea's."

And by presenting the Whiskey Wasps, Stop The Presses, and the Psymatics together, Krangel is giving the gift of music to the area one last time. "Part of me has been planning this party in my head for years. No question there needed to be local bands. The fact that we have talented women in our local scene needs to be recognized more, and I have always preferred female vocals. So when the lineup is up to me, of course it's all female-fronted."

Adding with her signature humor, "Hopefully, everyone can fight through the waves of tears and drink some local beers with me one last time."

Dana, we're going to miss you a hell of a lot. Like so much. God's honest. Don't be a stranger!

Dana's Going Away Bash with the Whiskey Wasps, Stop The Presses, and the Psymatics, 9 p.m., Friday, September 26, O'Shea's Pub, 531 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. There'll be photography by Dana Drolet Photography, live painting by Stefanie Caro, and drink specials, of course. Visit Facebook.

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