Britney Spears Made a Bad Marilyn Manson Video

Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson both want to be each other -- on a certain level. The shock rocker with South Florida ties would love to be as popular as the pop scion, and she'd relish the ability to be "edgy." We see both of their fantasies lived out in a video featured in Spears' 2009 Circus tour, AKA the tour that included her famous wardrobe malfunction flub on the mic that recently surfaced.

With Manson's 1995 cover of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams" as her musical muse, we see the lingerie-clad star hair-flipping her way through a crowd of writhing masqueraders that'll make you want to keep your eyes wide shut.

Collective groan as the song flips into some dance-remix territory and our heroine lazily lip-synchs in nothing more than a half-committed burlesque act jazzed up by some quick cuts. Props to the dude running his hand over his crotch in an extremely noncommittal manner. She has even less rock rhythm here than when she did "Walk this Way" with Aerosmith at Super Bowl XXXV.

Spin tells you it's "hard to look away," but we'd prefer to watch our old, mud-smeared pal riding the pig.

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