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Broward's Ten Best Outdoor Bars

Summer is right around the corner so you know what that means; it's time to bring the party outside. Here in South Florida we are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful weather in the world — especially this time of year — so it's an absolute must...
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Summer is right around the corner, so you know what that means: It's time to bring the party outside. Here in South Florida, we are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful weather in the world — especially this time of year — so it's an absolute must that we have some go-to bars where we can enjoy cocktails and friends outside.

Here are a few of our favorite places in Broward that allow us to do just that:

Bru's Room Deerfield Beach 

Outdoor bars can offer only so much in terms of setting themselves apart from the competition. At some point it is, as they say in real estate, all about location, location, location. One of Bru's Room's newest locations has that location edge most other pubs would die for. Bru's sits on Deerfield Beach, a stone's throw away from the water, directly across the street from the pier. By now, you're probably aware of what a Bru's Room has to offer, and that familiarity — added to its postcard-worthy location —  makes for a perfect outdoor drinking option for South Florida residents. 

Two Georges at the Cove Waterfront Restaurant

Plotted directly on the Intracoastal, Two Georges at the Cove is the sort of place you go to grab a seafood work-lunch and a cold beer during the week, then decide to call in sick for the rest of the day. Two George's Deerfield location is similar to their Boynton Beach location — only supersized. The seafood is the freshest you'll find in Broward County, and the beer just seems to taste better as you watch yachts pass under the bridge as it opens and closes. 

Mai-Kai Restaurant 

This Polynesian restaurant and lounge might be considered a tourist trap by some, but it has a place on this list just because of the scenery and entertainment value it brings to the table. Fire breathers and traditional Polynesian dancers make for a terrific date spot if you and your significant other are looking to switch it up a bit from the traditional watering hole. Few places offer more of a Disneyland vibe and setting for a candlelight cocktail and fancy dinner. 


Whether you're a tourist or a Floridian, sometimes you just want that classic South Florida waterfront experience when you're out having a drink. Coconuts is the perfect place to grab a rum runner and enjoy the breeze. With myriad beers, ample tropical drinks, and plenty of seafood to choose from, Coconuts has everything you need to sit back and relax and enjoy the Florida weather. 

Rhythm and Vine 

Since it opened last year, Rhythm and Vine has been one of the most buzzed about places in Fort Lauderdale. The backyard-beer-garden/festival hybrid doesn't exactly seem to know what it is, but that doesn't really matter. Whatever it is, it's awesome. If your goal is to drink outdoors and enjoy some simple beer and food-truck cuisine, this is the place to try out. 


Music, beer, and South Florida weather — that's what puts you on an outdoor bar list. Mangos has all three and makes for a terrific place to take the entire family — not just your misbehaving buddies. Mangos is pretty legendary in the area, which gives it a nice feel when you're inside. It's as if years of past Floridians' drinking souls surround you. 

Parrot Lounge 

Parrot Lounge is the sort of place you go to laugh at old people dancing, but before you know it, you're right there dancing next to them. If you're looking for just a good, old-fashioned outdoor good time, Parrot Lounge should be at the top of your list. There are plenty of tropical drinks and lots of craft selections — pretty much what every outdoor drinker is looking for. 

America's Backyard

America's Backyard delivers, weekend after weekend, some damned good outdoor drinking fun. Plenty of room to kick back in the sunshine with a bucket full of liquor or just a Bud, Backyard has everything you could possibly be looking for when it comes out drinking outdoors in the beautiful South Florida sunshine. 

101 Ocean

Looking for a place to drink that doesn't scream Jimmy Buffett? 101 Ocean is where you should start. The inside is amazingly put together, one of the nicer places you'll find on the beach. The outside is spread out just enough so that you can enjoy a beverage while people-watching but also feel like you're part of the tremendous bar 101 has to offer. Ample seating and a terrific atmosphere make 101 the place to drink outdoors if you're looking for something a little more classy. 

Jump the Shark 

Loud rock 'n' roll music and cheer beer; what else can you ask for in an outdoor bar? Jump the Shark brings an artsy feel to the bar scene, giving it a different feel from the competition. With plenty of space to mingle while enjoying some local bands, it's a terrific place to spend your evenings catching up with old friends this summer. 
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