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Bruise Cruise With Black Lips, Vivian Girls Embarks February 25, 2011

There are skeptics already, but the upcoming "indie rock on an enormous boat" concept does have some merit. The Bruise Cruise Festival, February 25-28, 2011 from Miami to the Bahamas, is one of the best ideas ever conceived for some quality time between well-to-do parents and their rebellious children -- that doesn't take place during an episode of Intervention.

Mom: "See, son? You can do better than decorating your studio apartment with soggy Subway posters. Some ambitious folks get to live with swans made out of bath towels in the civilized world!"

Son: "See, mom? Thee Oh Sees have tattoos all over their necks and they still get steady work."

Or perhaps it'll just be the 400 hipsters who can float about $615 per person to see the Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Thee Oh Sees, the Strange Boys, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Ty Segall, Turbo Fruits on the high seas. Your move, John Mayer.


Bruise Cruise Launch! from BRUISE CRUISE FEST on Vimeo.

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