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Bruise Cruise: You're (Almost) on a Boat, What to Pack with Kismet Vintage

You've already got the definitive guide to the onboard party, thanks to our sister paper, Miami New Times. Now you just need to pack! 

Drawing from our Floridian expertise of hot and nautical nature, here are a few ideas to help you stay cool, literally and figuratively.

We love the Bruise Cruise scene and its eclectic mix of personalities, including fashion trends from cultured waters around the world. They can make Goodwill look hip, and Gucci grunge. It's an open-minded crew, whose style is steered by the music. 

The County Grind interview last week with Bruise Cruise co-captains Michelle Cable and Jonas Stein had some great recommendations about what to bring. But we at New Times wanted to really be there for you in your "Agh, someone help me pack!" moment.

Maybe you've been thinking about what to shove in your suitcase, or maybe you've been too busy working to cover the cost of your rock 'n' roll cruise-cation. Either way, like Madonna's entertainment career, time is ticking down.

With the help of our friends at Kismet Recycled Vintage and Designer Clothing in Delray Beach, we're able to offer you a sneak peek at what's likely to go in our (vintage) suitcase.

Bruise Cruise Basics:
1. Obscure/ironic music reference T-shirt

2. Pinstripes

3. Jean shorts

4. Breathable fabrics: Linen and cotton rule the seven seas.

5. Nautical patterns: i.e. anchors, boats, bold primary reds and blues.

6. Retro trend of your choice: fringe, neon, tie-dye... Bedazzle us with your creative finds!

Just a Thought: You don't come to an event like this without a keen palette of music tastes. Anyone up for an impromptu CD mix exchange onboard? We'll trade you ours, if you trade us yours.

Until then, from your subtropical friends at New Times, happy packing and safe travels!

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Monica McGivern