Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers Are More Alike Than You Think

One of the greatest sporting events in the US takes place this weekend -- and we're not talking about the Puppy Bowl. As cute as those canines are, we'll prob skip them for the Super Bowl, or as Stephen Colbert calls it, Superb Owl.

And while it's awesome to see manly men in tight spandex roll around on the floor after a pigskin ball, some of us are more into important things, like million dollar commercials and the music spectacle that is the halftime show. This year, cock-sock donners Red Hot Chili Peppers and the ever-so-sultry Bruno Mars will be performing. "But they have nothing in common," you may be whining. But no, in fact, we came up with six ways they are alike. Take a gander, sports fans.

1. Both are big fans of sex.

Bruno says your sex takes him to paradise while RHCP yell at you to "get on top." In a GQ article, Bruno noted about "Locked Out of Heaven," "sex is a great party starter." Which brings us to our next point...

2. Both make music that will get you pregnant.

How can you NOT want to bone to "Can't Stop" by RHCP or Bruno's "Gorilla"? Like, seriously. Both should be on your "I want to bone" playlist. Use protection when you listen though. And don't say we didn't warn you.

3. Both appeared in movies

Bruno had a scene in Honeymoon in Vegas as Little Elvis while Anthony Kiedis and Flea starred in the movie The Chase with notorious troublemaker/womanizer Charlie Sheen. Flea also starred in Back to the Future 3 and Kiedis exercised his acting chops again in Point Break.

4. That hair, though.

Bruno Mars and Anthony Kiedis. Nuff said.

5. Both like drugs

In 2010, Bruno Mars was arrested for cocaine possession in Vegas while the members of RHCP are notorious for on and off drug use -- mostly done under the bridge. Some think "I Like Dirt" is about heroin and, well, Flea.

6. They play instruments

Bruno can play the guitar, drums, piano, and bass while the Peppers play pretty much the same (minus the piano, of course). Looks like Bruno is a one man band and the Chilis are of course a real rock band. The real funky rock band.

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