Bryan Ferry's Five Most Glamorous Moments

The most glamorous man in show business, Bryan Ferry, is coming to the Fillmore in Miami Beach on September 29. What separates Ferry most from his '70s glam contemporaries -- besides his lasting music -- is simple: He is as much sexy style as he is sexy substance. His work with Roxy Music set the template for upper-crust, low-level indulgences.

When we think of Ferry, we think of custom-tailored suits, Top Shop slacks, and the sound of a million silken ascots being slowly removed by a perfectly manicured hand. In anticipation of Mr. Sharp-N-Sexy's South Florida appearance, we've compiled some clips of Ferry at his sleekest.

Roxy Music "Ladytron"

Check out our boy. As Roxy Music casually invents the future sounds of sexiness, Ferry's golden glitter zebra-print jacket and a perfectly conditioned coif scream, "Let me have a romp in your romper."

Bryan Ferry "Jealous Guy"

Ferry sings Lennon's song in front millions of people to help save starving kids in Africa like it's no big deal.

The Mighty Boosh "Raised by Bryan Ferry (In the Jungle)"

If anyone is carrying Ferry's diamond-encrusted torch into the future, it's the Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding. Here as Vince, in a wonderful animation, he explains how Ferry fostered him and raised him in the jungle.

Roxy Music "Love Is the Drug"

Dressed like a Mark Trail villain, Ferry stands on a staircase to nowhere and squeezes this classic though his teeth. No one ever dances to this song as cool as everyone in this clip.

Roxy Music "More Than This"

Leather jacket, striped buttoned-down shirt, jeans, a bow tie, and a look that says, "Can we get this over with? My friends are waiting for me in a room made of velvet."

Bryan Ferry: The Olympia Tour. 8 p.m. Thursday, September 29, at Fillmore Miami, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets cost $48.50 to $78.50. Click here.

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