Bubble Becomes Satellite Location for Red Eye Friday, July 23
Skot Olsen

Bubble Becomes Satellite Location for Red Eye Friday, July 23

Every year ArtServe hosts Red Eye, a celebration of the eclectic, lowbrow art that makes our art scene just a bit more interesting and honest. It partners with the creators of DIY space the Bubble, promoters Garo Gallo and Yvonne Colon. No surprise there. They've been promoting the work of local misfits for the past decade. But this year, the Bubble will also be a satellite location for Red Eye. Events associated with the showcase include a fashion show, art by Skot Olsen, Chris Hooper, Ruben Uberia, Donna Haynes, Lisa Parrott, and Mike Turner and music by Dooms de Pop, Scott Putesky, Radar vs. Wolf, the Green Mantles, and Bad Ass.

If you've avoided taking in local culture this year, or failed to see the effusive praise New Times has conferred on the music-cum-art house, the Bubble is kind of a big deal. It's open-door attitude and all-ages policy make it accessible to the next generation of artists and put it at Fort Lauderdale's frontline for all things culturally provocative. Do your community a favor. Check it out. Admission on Friday costs $10. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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