Buika Performs at the Gusman Center on July 9

concha buika 22.jpg
Concha Buika is not your traditional flamenco singer. Originally born in Equatorial Guinea, she grew up near a gypsy community on the island of Mallorca in Spain --a perfect place for such an artist to lay her foundation. But hers is a non-traditional take on Spain's most traditional sound. Influences ranging from soul to jazz and even funk find their way into the fold, and the end result is a harmonious marriage of cultures, eras and sounds. It's not surprising she's often been referred to as a mix of Tina Turner, Lola Flores and Sarah Vaughn.

After two prior albums including a self-titled in 2005 and Mi Niña Lola in 2006, Buika released Niña de Fuego in 2008, earning her much praise and a Latin Grammy nod in the process. Now she finds herself in the midst of a US tour, and fans stateside will get a chance to see her raw live talent for themselves.

Buika performs at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts (25 SE 2nd Ave) on Thursday, July 9 at 8pm. Tickets run $27 to $52.


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