Build a Better Block is a nationwide art-meets-sub-urban-life experiment and experience that found, well, a better block in Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village Arts District

Build a Better Block Returns to FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, with Super-Sized Art Walk

The project reveals a not so ideal urban or suburban area as a pretty nice place to live and hang out. Modern American cities are built for the convenience of the driver and not pedestrians. Build a Better Block tries to turn that around. 

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By using art installments to re-imagine human habitats, they pull back the smog and misery and reveal a livable, friendly landscape; people walking where cars once drove, art hanging on once empty walls. 

Last year's Better Block event was such a success, that the creative team behind it -- Cadence Living, a local landscape architecture firm -- decided to make a recurring biannual event. Thus, Revel on the Block was born.

Rebecca Bradley, co-founder of Cadence Living, says, "Cadence invested in Flagler Village by locating our business here right next to other great creative business owners -- we want to share that. We understand the importance of bridging social and physical landscapes to create a memorable experience for people. We're setting the stage for people to connect." 

Cadence has teamed up with the galleries of FAT Village, helium creative, and C&I Studios to create a "super-sized art walk." The theme is, "Intersection," with an emphasis on introducing the art community and everyday life. There will be all day art exhibitions, a live fashion photo shoot, food trucks, children's activities, fashion vendors, and Marando Farms Market. In addition to the usual art walk that takes place in FAT Village the last Saturday of every month, there will be a series of pop-up art installations. 

There will be also live music provided by Corey James Bost, Jeff Durham, The Bonfires, Gaby Duran and Anthony Alvarez, and Radio-Active Record's DJs.

There will be retail pop-up shops by, again, Radio-Active Records, Public Image, Fresh Toast, and the Trendy Truck. The art exhibitions will feature local artists including, Brian Buzzella, Virginia Fifield, Deborah Gregg, Julie Davidow, Marina Gonella, Sarah Michele Rupert, and Michael Harris.

There will also be art booths provided by the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale's All Together Now program -- where you can screen print your own shirt -- and a video installation by Girl's Club. Galleries including the Puppet Network, Rolling Stock, and Project Fine Art will have their doors open as usual.

Revel on the Block, 2 to 11 p.m., Saturday, January 26, FAT Village. FATVillage, NW 5th Street, Fort Lauderdale. Admission is free. Email fatvillageevents@gmail.com, or visit www.facebook.com/RevelOnTheBlock.

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