Built to Spill Go Chillwave on Electronic Anthology EP

Built to Spill fans already in a froth about the seminal indie-rock band's upcoming visit to Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room on October 15 have an added carrot dangling in front of them. Stereogum today points us to the Electric Anthology Project, a seven-song EP reworking Built to Spill songs in "circa 1982" versions that are exactly like what you'd think. Not too big of a surprise that the Idahoans would goof around with their format a bit after past stabs at reggae. The syrupy keyboard reinterpretations could be more convincing only if Doug Martsch's trademark voice was replaced by Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan on "What If Your Dull" ("I Would Hurt a Fly").

Check out three of the songs at the project's MySpace page and grab a copy at CDBaby if it's impossible to wait to purchase one at October's show.


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