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Bump 'n' Grind 2009: A Look Back at This Year's Club Bangers

Another year in the books. It is just us or did 2009 seemed to rush by like it was in overdrive? Still, 2009 was another stellar year for clubland, music and all. The economic recession didn't prove to be the wet blanket many had predicted it would be. The nightclubs are still here and people are still partying.

So while we wait in anticipation for 2010, let's look back at our favorite club tracks that provided the soundtrack to our many drunk nights:

10. Simian Mobile Disco
"Audacity of Huge"
(Wichita Recordings)

With a beat that harkens back to the electroclash era, British duo Simian Mobile Disco shunned their electrohouse past for a more simpler approach to dance music. And dammit, it was great! With references to Mama Cass, Bill Murray, Peter Tosh and Damien Hirst, how could it not be?

9. Annie
"Songs Remind Me of You"
(Smalltown Supersound)

Annie is what Lady Gaga aspires to be: Unique and quirky, while retaining all her pop sensibilities. Problem is Annie doesn't try to speak for her music or make it seem like she's exploring uncharted territories -- even though she is. It's Annie humble nature that makes her that much more appealing. Take note Gaga: Annie will be making music long after you've becoming queen of the tabloids and are rushed off to rehab.

8. Classixx
"I'll Get You"

What happens when you pair LA duo Classixx with former Junior Senior vocalist Jeppe? Nu disco gold! Repetitive lyrics over a hypnotic beat makes for great drunk dancing music. Trust us, we've been there.

7. The Golden Filter
"Solid Gold"
(Dummy Records)

Proof that 2009 was the year of nu disco. Nobody encapsulated the movement better than New York's Golden Filter, whose '70s sound is mixed with modern elements. You can compare them to Goldfrapp all you like, but we think this duo is a bit more craftier than their British counterparts.

6. Miike Snow
"Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)"
(Universal Republic Records)

Who knew the guys behind some of the biggest hits of the decade -- including Britney Spears' "Toxic" and "Piece of Me" -- could produce such an amazing piece of indie electronica. While the stand alone track is great in its own right, Treasure Fingers made it dancefloor ready with choppy vocals and chirpy beats.

5. Kap Bambino
"Dead Lazers"
(Because Music)

We'll admit, we've never heard this song played at the club -- and what a shame that is. French duo Kap Bambino launch an all out sonic assault to a danceable beat. This is what dance punk music should sound like. Here is hoping 2010 will be the group's year.

4. Chromeo
"Night by Night"
(Vice Records)

You'd think we'd be tired of Chromeo retro shtick by now, but we aren't. They grooves are just too damn sexy to resist. The duo's formula is really simple: sing about seducing a girl, mix in a vocoder, retro beats and presto you've got a Chromeo track. We hope they never steer away from it.

3. Peaches
"I Feel Cream"
(XL Recordings)

If anything shocked us about the title track from Peaches fifth album I Feel Cream was how much restraint she showed. Yes, the song is about sex, but you wouldn't notice it unless you are actually paying attention. Add to it that its probably her most club- and radio-friendly track to date, and you've got a winner.

"Summer Song"

We are counting down the days when Kanye West and Lady Gaga "discover" YACHT, usurp their sound and call it their own. YACHT probably won't get any credit, but we doubt they care. From start to finish, See Mystery Lights is a solid album, which is rare these days, but "Summer Song" definitely stood out as the club-ready track from the bunch.

1. Major Lazer
"Pon De Floor"
(Mad Decent/Downtown)

Hands down, best club track of the year. End of discussion. It's hard to argue otherwise. Switch and Diplo joined forces to mix dancehall beats with electronic breaks easily creating a sound that no one had heard before. "Pon De Floor" is the best example of taking a huge risk in setting yourself apart from the norm and it paying off in the end.

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