No Bunny, No Cry. Wailer with Tosh, back in the day.
No Bunny, No Cry. Wailer with Tosh, back in the day.

Bunny Wailer Concert Set for Thursday Postponed

Reggae fans excited to see one of the true legends of the movement will have to wait. Bunny Wailer, who along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh formed The Wailers back in the 60's, was scheduled to bring his vintage Rasta vibe to Revolution in Fort Lauderdale this coming Thursday. Unfortunately, the show has been postponed without any given reason or make-up date.

Wailer recently made news for releasing a song called "Don't Touch the President" to show his support for alleged Jamaican drug lord Christopher Coke (a.k.a. Dudus) in response to the U.S.'s request for his extradition in 2009. No word yet as to whether the cancellation is related to the political situation.

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