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Buy Your Way Into Band in Heaven's "Sludgy Dreams" Video

West Palm Beach's main source for static and fury, the Band in Heaven, is soliciting public support to fund a new music video via Kickstarter. This comes only a couple weeks after the group's last, and successful, effort to raise monies for T-shirts.

The song in question is "Sludgy Dreams," the final song on the group's HoZac 7-inch release due in January. If you're already familiar with the speedy burst of vitriol titled "Sleazy Dreams," consider this song its dirge-y, bum-legged twin. The group is hoping to enlist the services of Alice Cohen to create a video to accompany the song, and thus we have another Kickstarter campaign!

Backers have a chance to be in the music video. Check out her work and

see what we mean. We set the goal of this campaign very low so that we

can reach it, but we need to raise well over $50. Support if you can and

be a part of something strange

Drop them $20 or more, and your photo will be included in the finished product. To get an idea of what you're getting into, take the the washed out psychedelic artwork of a Guided by Voices album cover, and make it move like Terry Gilliam's cut-out animation from Monty Python's Flying Circus, and you're halfway into Cohen's creative universe. Or just watch this:

Get your bucks in by November 29 to take part.

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