Buzz Bake Sale Preview: Manchester Orchestra

Borrowing an opening bit from Coffee Talk with Linda Richman, Manchester Orchestra is neither from Manchester, nor a real orchestra. Okay, talk amongst yourselves. They're actually a five-piece rock band from Atlanta, who just released their second album. And they kick serious ass. Their debut, I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child, which dropped only two years ago, nabbed the young group a lot of attention. But their followup this year with Mean Everything to Nothing is either friggin' genius or damned close to it.

On the album, frontman and lyricist Andy Hull, guitarist Robert McDowell, drummer Jermiah Edmond, bassist Jonathan Corley and keyboardist Chris Freeman took the raw emotion and urgency exhibited on their rookie release (and on their various EPs) and cranked the knob up even further, and display startling maturity for such a young band.

Manchester Orchestra will be performing at the Buzz Bake Sale in Cruzan Ampitheater on Saturday, December 5, along with Chevelle, Matisyahu, The Used, Panic At The Disco, Cage the Elephant, and more. Tickets are $40 for reserved seats, $20 for lawn.

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