Buzz Bake Sale Preview: Our Lady Peace

via Flickr user Zanastardust
Our Lady Peace is probably the most underrated band playing the Buzz Bake Sale tomorrow. Yeah, they've sold over five million albums, enjoyed relative success in the late '90s, and are revered in their homeland (notch another one for Canada). But aside from their flash of mainstream popularity in the late '90s, OLP slipped off the pop culture radar. Nowhere did they get credit for being among the first "post-grunge" bands to break up the growling monotony of Pearl Jam wannabees and signal to aspiring musicians that flannel and/or eyeliner was no longer necessary to sell music.

After releasing four albums that were decidedly against the mainstream, OLP may have gotten the memo. Their last three albums Gravity, Healthy in Paranoid Times, and Burn Burn are decidedly more mainstream, alterna-rock, please-play-me-on-the-radio-again. You can't fault a band for trying to get back to the top again though, can you?

Our Lady Peace will be performing at the Buzz Bake Sale in Cruzan Ampitheater on Saturday, December 5, along with Chevelle, Matisyahu, Cage the Elephant, Panic At The Disco, Manchester Orchestra, and more. Tickets are $40 for reserved seats, $20 for lawn.

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