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By Way of Wes Anderson at Green Room, Sept. 22; Five Best of the Director's Musical Moments

The worlds created by filmmaker Wes Anderson are nothing short of magical. And with the help of longtime music supervisor Randall Poster, the two have a knack for selecting just the right song to convey on-screen emotions. Whether it's Suzy and Sam coming of age to Francoise Hardy's "Le Temps de L'Amor" or Max Fischer dancing to the Faces "Ooh La La," there is no shortage of memorable scenes for us to swoon over.

On Saturday, Subculture presents "By Way of Wes Anderson," a tribute to the whimsical world of the iconic filmmaker. Held at the Green Room, there will be an art show with work paying homage to Anderson's films and characters, as well as live music from Saskatchewan and Levek performing pieces from selected soundtracks. Also, live screen-printing from the Fine Print Shoppe, and a special photo booth from Digital Cypher Photography and New Times photog Ian Witlen.

We've selected five of our favorite musical moments from his various films. Take a look at the list after the jump.

5. "Judy is a Punk" - The Ramones
In The Royal Tenenbaums, Margot's rebellious escapades are set to the song "Judy is a Punk." What little girl wouldn't want her life's troubled accomplishments set to the sounds of the Ramones? Oh how we adored that fur coat and perfectly cut bob of hers.

4. Jarvis Cocker as "Petey"
The Pulp frontman makes a cameo in Fantastic Mr. Fox as Petey, a banjo player who apparently can't make a good song. Aw... poor Jarvis.

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