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Café Iguana Pines

It sure doesn't look like much from the outside, but Café Iguana is the place to be out west. The nightclub is awkwardly crammed into a vanilla-yogurt strip mall in the drabbest part of the 'burbs (technically, it's Hollywood out here), sitting among dollar stores and pawn shops. It's an odd location to be sure, but for a place that bills itself as the people's dance club, it works. And, damn, are there peoples. Each night, hundreds of gente pack into the tropical-themed interior of Iguana to dance to an inclusive mix of old-school hip-hop, club hits, riotous reggaeton, and smooth Latin rhythms. Even at 7 p.m. on a Friday, Iguana's happy hour is alive with singles looking to pair up, businesspeople forgetting the workweek with drink and dance, and family types finding a reprieve at a club that actually gets hot before 2 a.m. The main dance floor fills in tight, but there are two others as well, so finding a little personal space isn't too much of a problem. There's also a sporty lounge lined with wide-screen TVs and plush booths with personal sound systems, a dark-wood-grained cigar bar-style backroom, a beach-inspired VIP lounge with water-stained glass, and four tiki-hut bars wrapped around the main drag. And though each of these areas is bumpin' even in the early afternoon, the club stays hot until the last song plays at 4 a.m.
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John Linn

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