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Calling Wannabe Rockstars: Music Talent Associates Wants You

Little Beard, photographed by Liana Minassian
​The streets, squats, garages, and clubs of unincorporated Miami-Dade are flooded with unsigned indie bands, punk crews, rap collectives, and solo singer-songwriter types. And they're all calculating their imminent signing bonus. Even you, dear New Times reader, must fantasize from time to time about becoming famous for your skills on the guitar, turntable, or didgeridoo.

Well, stop dreaming. Send your best track to Jeff Sadowsky of Music Talent Associates, ASAP. He's currently compiling Miami's Regal Tunes, a 14-track release that'll hit streets the week of Winter Music Conference. And, so far, the tracklist includes Ryan Stone Music, Rocker Alix, Radar vs. Wolf, Candace Meyer, Little Beard, Super Locks, Ricky Williams, and Saulo Ferrier.

You could be next. But only six slots remain and the deadline's March 11. So step out the street, squat, garage, or club ... Reboot your Tandy 1000, dial-up the interweb, and email [email protected] Then pray, pray, pray for fame.

P.S. Here's a tease ... Download "Weekends" by Little Beard. It's 3:33 of pop prettiness.

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S. Pajot
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